Mještani Kruščice poručili: Ne damo rijeku!

Works on the construction of a hydroelectric power plant on the Kruscica River were supposed to continue today, but the citizens who gathered did not allow the heavy machinery to pass to the construction site.

On the ground there is a large number of police officers, and it is alleged that the machines arrived at the scene about 13 hours.

Although the local community opposed the construction, today it was necessary to come to a resumption of construction.

As seen on the video, the police warned citizens gathering that they would record and legitimize all the people who are on the video and stop the passage of heavy machinery.

Citizens gathered said that they would never “shelter” with loud exclamations: Rijeka, we do not give!


We recall that the women of Kruščice are determined to prevent work at all costs because they claim to contribute to the large pollution of this region.

Also, in August last year, on the bridge that was then blocked by locals, the police of the MUP of the Central Bosnia Canton used excessive force in an effort to prevent the citizens from allowing construction.